We don’t just do buses you know

May 7th 2016 - By Mick Berry

It’s true, we love our old buses at KBMT (well and the modern ones too!) but we’ve become home to lots of interesting vehicles over the years and have a good selection of commercial and ancillary vehicles among the over 100 exhibits that live at our Riverside depot.

The image in the blog shows a 1969 Bedford KM Aerial Platform (of Bradford Fire Service) and is undergoing a full restoration now.  Particularly rare examples in the collection include our 1950 Dennis PAX II gully emptier and 1972 Shelvoke & Drewry refuse collector which were recently donated to us by Bradford Council.

So next time you stop by take a closer look and see how many you can spot – we’ll aim to have some on show at our Saltaire running day in July.  You can find out more about that by clicking here.