March 19th 2016 - By Mick Berry

Over the last year or so a great deal of change has taken place at our Riverside Depot base in Keighley. We often receive suggestions from members and visitors alike on things we could do to improve the place, with most people being able to see beyond the grime in the building which hints at its past as a foundry.

Earlier in the year our Landlord sold an adjoining building to our neighbours ‘The Beatherder Ltd’ and so we lost the use of our drystore, kitchen and toilets as they were part of the sale – to that end we’ve had to install some new facilities which are now more or less complete. There is now a toilet block in the yard, which is a temporary structure but serves well and is better than we had before with a seperate ladies and gents. In addition we’ve also spent time and money transforming the messroom to serve as both kitchen and seating area. Special thanks on both of these projects go to KBMT members Dave Byrne and Gerald Newton.

While this has been going on we’ve also been making arrangements to move and expand our workshop to a more suitable area at the back of the building in front of the undercrofts this will give us a number of new workshop bays and access to two sets of Hywemas (one by kind permission of our friends at the Aire Vally Transport Group) allowing greater and safer access to work both museum and private projects. This area has been re-wired with new lighting, sockets and three phase with our resident electrician, KBMT member Len Smith offering his time and expertese to get this done.

I appreciate that our ongoing work has been disruptive to vehicle owners and has limited some movements inside the building and this is something that should start to improve as these projects come to fuitition. Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding.

Can you help us to improve facilities at our Riverside depot? Do you have skills that might be useful (building, plumbing, electrics?)? Even if you don’t have the skills but have time and are willing to help us keep the place organised, clean and tiday we’d love to hear from you – I can be contacted at or 07501 250676.