LTF 254

Privatly Owned Not for Hire

AEC Regent III,

ChassisNo; 9612E5341. Park Royal H33/26R, (H30/26R when new).

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The Story

Morecambe & Heysham were staunch AEC operators placing approximately 83 vehicles in service between the years of 1932 and 1957. Most were bodied by Park Royal or Weymann, however the 1956/7 order for five Regent V buses were bodied by Massey coachbuilders. In 1950, six Regent III vehicles were delivered numbered 66-71 whilst number 72 on a 9613E chassis was added that October, all with Park Royal bodywork and all were up-seated between 1959 and 1960.

The melodic sounds of the 9.6 litre engine and pre-selector gearbox of 69 graced the seaside town for nearly 25 years. During its service life the livery was updated a number of times whereby in an effort of modernisation, the proportion of green paint was reduced in favour of more cream, while also the interior of the vehicles was brightened up.

The bus was extensively renovated at the former Mersey & Calder Groups building at Meltham Mills by owner Marc Knott, Mick Berry (3916 UB), and Richard Roper (ECX 225) and a larger 11.3 litre engine was fitted. The interior has been refurbished with an in service feel by Marc with new flooring, original moquette in places and period advertising, while outside the bus is painted in its as new apple green livery with three cream bands, the lower one containing the traditional shaded corporation lettering, and the rear chromium off side bumper.
Possibly one of the longest journeys for a Museum vehicle (albeit privately owned) was when Marc took 69 to the Isle of Man in 2018. It is pictured at Douglas on the Island and Heysham back in England.