MUB 647

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Recovery Truck

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The Story

The AEC Matador was original introduced in 1932, and most widely used by the armed forces, with many being converted for breakdown/recovery civilian work (due to their robust design ) after the war.

A vehicle with a sheltered past, the Matador was originally operated by the Armed Forces, and was acquired by Leeds City Transport in 1949. It was fitted with a Harvey Frost crane and workshop by the engineering department.

It later operated mainly from the Torre Road garage and survived in the Ancilary fleet long enough to become part of the PTE fleet for Leeds, eventually bearing the Verona Green livery of the Executive. On withdrawal it passed to the West Yorkshire Transport Museum, eventually being obtained by a member of the Keighley Bus Museum Trust from Transperience.

The vehicle has since had a repaint in the Metro Verona Green.