NNW 492

Part of the KBMT Collection Not for Hire

Leeds City Transport 492


1950 AEC Regent III


ROE H31/25R

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The Story

From it’s inception in 1929, the AEC Regent chassis was a very sought after design, and LCT was an ardent operator of the type from Regent I right through to the end of production Regent V, purchasing 210 Regent III’s between 1947 and 1954 alone. The original Regent III design dates back to 1937 when AEC developed a prototype chassis in conjunction with London Transport, which was given a second hand body and numbered ST1140. However this was soon given a new body and re-numbered RT1. Production for the Capitals market began in 1939, but was halted during the War, only resuming in 1946.

When the chassis became available outside London it was designated Regent III, but was only offered with a 9.6 Litre engine, air brakes, and pre-selector gearbox as specified by London Transport. Within a short time, a smaller 7.7 Litre engine was offered together with a sliding mesh, or constant mesh gearbox, and vacuum brakes.

NNW 492 itself entered service in January 1950 and served in the Leeds fleet until withdrawn in 1968. It was then transferred to the driver training fleet, assuming these duties in February 1969 renumbered as 15 and replacing an earlier AEC Regent.  It continued in this role until being acquired for preservation in September 1971 and arriving at Keighley Bus Museum in April 1995 where it is preserved in the Leeds Blue livery