PGW 297

Privatly Owned Not for Hire

Willowbrook bodywork

The Story

The Bedford “Green Goddess” was based on the S chassis (a derivative of the SB bus chassis) with the original prototype being unveiled in 1952. As opposed to the final production model, the prototype (LYO 723) had hinged doors all round and an illuminated fire sign.Production models were built by differing coach builders which also included Weymann and Jennings (Sandbach). The AFS (along with the Green Goddess) were officially withdrawn on 31st March 1968 at midnight. Although all vehicles were to be sold off some remained with fire services purely as water tenders, with others being auctioned off by sealed bids. At the same time some local authorities (if proving their need), could purchase the Green Goddess but this was seldom the case. All Green Goddesses bore the Auxiliary Fire Service (AFS) insignia and were at one time brought back into service following a fire service union strike in 1977 being operated by the armed forces. In an effort to update the vehicles (also due to difficulties in call out operations) the vehicles were fitted with two-tone horns and blue beacons, replacing their original orange blinkers and hand operated bells.
This beautifully restored Bedford Auxiliary fire engine is privately owned and adds another dimension to the Museum display.
Work undergone includes,
Honing and rebuild of all brake cylinders
Minor electrical work to rectify charging fault
Complete cutting back of paintwork
Repaint of interior roof
Replacement of rear covering on steps and pump cover
Engine re-tune
Radiator flush
Repainting wheel arches and front bumper
Currently refurbishing roof covering
Main vehicle pump tested and fully functional and featherweight pump also tested and working