WEL 115J

Privatly Owned Not for Hire

          1971 BMC VA                                                                   


    British Road Services

     Parcel van 34NW983

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The Story

From the early days of parcel carrying the British Road Services tried to adapt a purpose built vehicle for this application.

In 1958 the Austin (later BMC) VA was developed for this use and continued in production until the early 1970’s, (affectionately gaining the name “Noddy” vans), although vehicles were still being delivered beyond that. The bodies for these vehicles were built by Star Bodies which would normally include sliding doors for speedy delivery (a precursor to the Commer “walk through” design). At the time Star was an in-house builder for the National Freight Corporation (NFC) who were the parent company of BRS. Star Bodies (NFC) operated from 1939 to 1987, being finally dissolved as late as 2013 although another business now operates under that name.

Of these very popular vehicles, WEL 115J dating from 1971, is of the later deliveries and although carrying a Bournemouth registration this vehicle is thought to have run out of the Burnley Lowerhouse Depot.

Now housed on display at the Keighley Bus Museum, the vehicle makes regular appearances on the rally circuits.