Privatly Owned Not for Hire

LEYLAND PD2/11 Chassis No. 550071

BODY Charles H Roe H33/25R

The Story

Leeds were to be an ardent customer for AEC, Leyland and Daimler chassis, although small fleets of Crossley and Guy were also purchased. During 1949 and 1950, Leeds had taken delivery of a batch of standard all-Leyland PD2/1s. Later PD2 deliveries were of a nonstandard specification to Leeds’ own particular requirements. A batch of 10 buses in 1953 were designated PD2/14 and featured Wilson pre-selector gearboxes, a feature unique to Leyland Titans outside the London Transport fleet.

In 1955 a fleet of twenty PD2/11 Leyland Titans were delivered, the first to be fitted with pneumocyclic gearbox on a production PD2 model and although this was later to become a standard option, this batch remained the only PD2s built with this particular combination of gearbox, air brakes, exposed radiator and 7’6″ width. A later model, designated PD2/ 35, was offered with the same features, but none were built.

Of this batch, the initial 15 (201-215) had 4 bay bodies built locally by Charles H Roe of Crossgates, Leeds

5 vehicles numbered 216-220, were bodied by Metro-Cammell

212 was built in March 1955.