HUM 401

Part of the KBMT Collection Not for Hire

1940 AEC Regent I

Roe H31/25R

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The Story

The first of twenty such vehicles (106-125,HUM 401-420), delivered to LCT by local coach builders Roe in 1939/40, HUM 401 had a long career with the Department, and in various guises. Initially in the Leeds blue & white livery (as now preserved at the Keighley Bus Museum), it also ran in the preserved blue livery (as pictured) and later carried the green livery. It was withdrawn from service work in 1952 but mothballed being re-instated a short time later as a tram replacement vehicle due to a lack of new buses. It was downgraded again in September 1956 being re-numbered 1 in the learner fleet. T was later to be used as an all-over advertisement vehicle for Premium Bonds week and various other similar uses until finally becoming a mobile office in 1967.

The bus was re-painted in the post war blue livery after the formation of the PTE in 1974, finally receiving its original Walsall Blue livery. It then passed to Yorkshire Rider after de-regulation in 1986 and was stored again, not appearing for another 12 years when it re-emerged on the rally circuits in 1998.

It is now housed at the Keighley Bus Museum, on loan from First Leeds.