ANW 682

Part of the KBMT Collection Not for Hire

1934 AEC Regent I

ROE H30/26R

The Story

The large 1934 intake of 31 AEC Regents (127-157) were to be the first fitted with diesel engines for the Leeds fleet. The ROE body design at this time featured a stepped piano front style, and high profile domed roof line. Originally in 1929, the Regents were fitted with the AEC A130 petrol engine, although the first time a diesel unit was used in Britain was in 1927 when a marine Gardner engine was fitted into a Lancia by Barton Transport. This vehicle carried the lettering crude oil bus and Gardner went on to be a main supplier of diesel units to various chassis manufacturers.

ANW 682, together with many of the other 1934 deliveries were refurbished in 1947/8, but were withdrawn by 1950. 139 however was placed in store and given a new lease of life in 1953/4 for a short time as a tramway replacement vehicle until a delivery of new buses finally relieved it from its duty.

After another 12 years kept in store 139 was finally sold for scrap to a Barnsley dealer in 1966, although it was immediately rescued for preservation by the Leeds Regent Preservation Group where it was restored over the next 10 years.
After the closure of its owners at Transperience, the bus was transferred to join the Keighley Bus Museum fleet.