MNW 86

Part of the KBMT Collection Not for Hire

1948 Leyland Tiger PS 1


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The Story

The single deck equivalent of the Leyland Titan PD1 was the PS1 series of the Tiger, both models sharing the 7.4 litre Leyland E.181 engine and in production betweenÂ1946 and 1950, when superseded by the PD2 and PS2 respectively. The basic models in the PS1 range comprised the PS1 itself (suitable for 7ft 6in wide bodywork), the PS1/1 (with rear chassis frame extension, nominally for coach use) and PS1/3 (suitable for 8ft wide bodywork). The 1948 order to Roe for these single deck buses consisted of just two vehicles (MNW 85/6), signifying the restricted need of these type of buses for service work within the Departments operating area, so much that by 1964 the fleet strength consisted of 915 double-deckers to just 15 single deck vehicles. Due to changing passenger usage however, a large intake of AEC Swifts in the late 1960s brought more single-deck buses into the fleet.

After 14 years service, 28 was withdrawn in December 1962, being sold back to Charles H Roe early in 1963 who used it as a transport vehicle for its staff sports and social club. The bus carried on under the coach builders use for a further 10 years, until in July 1973, it was sold again this time for preservation to the Halifax based Mile Cross Transport Collection. Due to ill health this collection was dispersed in 1985 and the Leeds Regent Preservation Group acquired the vehicle displaying it at Transperience.

It is restored in the pre-1950 two-tone blue favoured by the Department when the bus was new. As the owners already had two of their four buses at Keighley Bus Museum, 28, together with Regent 139 which had also been displayed at Transperience, were transferred upon its closure to become part of the Keighley Bus Museum collection.