ENW 980D

Privatly Owned Not for Hire

1966 AEC Regent V

Roe H39/31R

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The Story

In 1966 the final batch of AEC Regent V buses were delivered to LCT. Altogether some 204 of this chassis had been purchased by the Department, all bodied by Roe with the exception of the unique 14 supplied by MCW in 1960. All Regent V were fitted with Epicyclic gearboxes and air brakes and were built to 30feet in length after 1960. Together with the 1965 deliveries, these were to be the last open platform vehicles to be bought by LCT but still sported the unpainted bonnets of their predecessors. ENW 980D which had originally been allocated the registration DUM 980C, did not survive long into the PTE formation of 1974, being withdrawn on the 20th December 1975. Unusually for a Leeds bus 980 was sold on to a dealer and was subsequently purchased by Dodds of Troon, a member of the AA Motors Services consortium where it received their green and cream livery and placed into service as fleet number DT20.

The vehicle was secured for preservation after withdrawal from AA in spring 1979 by Lincoln Vintage Vehicle Society member David Gray and was rallied for a while in AA livery. While at Lincoln it joined another Leeds vehicle, AEC Regent V 952 (952 JUB) already in the Society’s collection. However in August 1988 980 was resold to the Leeds Regent Preservation Group, and has been stored at Keighley Bus Museum since August 1994 where it is undergoing restoration.