MTE 635

Privatly Owned Not for Hire

1951 AEC Regent III

Weymann H30/26R (H33/26R)

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The Story

Between 1932 and 1935 Weymaann supplied Morecambe and Heysham with 15 buses built on the AEC Regent chassis (plus one on the equivalent Regal single deck chassis). The next intake for the undertaking by the bodybuilder came in February 1951 with a order for six buses built on the Regent III chassis. Of these the first vehicle numerically was MTE 635, fleet number 73 on AEC Regent chassis 6812A100 with Weymann body number M4683. These vehicles were 27′ long, 14′ 6″ high with a 16′ 4″ wheelbase and powered by the AEC 7.7 six cylinder Diesel A173 Direct injection engine through the AEC D124 Crash gear box and single plate clutch.

Morecambe standardised on a H30/26R seating capacity for its double deckers until 1957 but almost all of these (including no; 73) were up-seated to H33/26R configuration between September 1959 and March 1960.

With local Government re-organisation on April 1st 1974, MTE 635 became one of forty-eight buses to pass over to the newly formed Lancaster City Council Passenger Transport Department and was the only Closed top Regent III to be painted in the operators Trafalgar Blue and White although it bore a non-standard fleet name.

After a short time number 73 was downgraded for driver tuition and towing duties before being sold for preservation in 1977 where it has since remained with the same owner. After being kept at Burtonwood initially it was transferred to St Helens Transport Museum until 1994, but later moved to Surrey where it was parked outside and exposed to the elements. It finally arrived at its present home at the Keighley Bus Museum in October 2006.

It is currently undergoing a repaint at Keighley.