GUG 547N

Privatly Owned Not for Hire

1974 Leyland Atlantean AN68A/1R

ROE H43/33F body no; GO 7496

Engine; Leyland 680

The Story

West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive took delivery of about 361 Leyland Atlanteans over a 7 year period since its inception in 1974 built to a similar design to the former Leeds vehicles, although with single doors and slightly different destination displays. Also at this time a new fleet numbering sequence was implemented starting at 6001, and eighty Atlanteans were delivered with the N registration. The first twenty registered UWT 601N-620N (6001-6020), had originally been ordered by the outgoing Leeds City Transport department but delivered to the new PTE.
Of this batch 6020 on chassis number 7403409, was selected to be exhibited at the Commercial Vehicle Motor Show on the Charles H Roe stand on the 20th to the 28th September 1974 where it carried full WYPTE livery complete with candy stripe. For this reason (as was always the case in Roe products for this exhibition), the vehicle was suitably upgraded in its appearance differing from the base stock models delivered to the Executive. The bus was fitted with carpeting on both decks, different style moquette on the seating, polished chrome work and gold leaf lining on the ceiling panels.
Due to a re-organisation of the local taxation offices on October 1st 1974 which left only two issuing registrations in the country, 6020, along with most of the others of this batch, had to be re-registered after the Motor Show exhibition. As 6 buses of the initial batch had been taxed before October the 1st 1974, these were allowed to carry their original UWT/N number plates but 6020 was not one of these. After this date the UWT registrations were not available therefore a new set of registrations had to be allocated these being GUG/N, with 6020 being given GUG 547N before being placed into service beginning at the Leeds Sovereign depot on 29th October 1974, before being moved to the Headingley depot in March 1975. From 1977 the fleet livery was simplified minus the candy stripe, deemed too expensive and time consuming to apply and 6020 received the new livery in July 1981, with further repaints in April 1984 and June 1986.
With deregulation on 26th October 1986, the bus passed to Yorkshire Rider and was transferred to the Bradford Hall Ings/Interchange depot but never received its new owners livery, thus being the last double-deck to operate in the former WYPTE colours.