Privatly Owned Not for Hire



The Story

In 1966 Bristol Lodekka FS6B entered service with the York-West Yorkshire bus company. This was a subsidiary of the West Yorkshire Road Car Company Ltd a business which was formed from the Harrogate Road Car Company (1906), eventually becoming the WYRCC in 1927. The ECW 15486 series 2 body was mounted on the FS5G chassis number 230055, and entered the fleet as number YDX 221 depicting it to be allocated to the York fleet as York double deck experimental, a listing given later to the Lodekkas.

In the early 1930’s, various discussions led to a collaboration between Keighley Corporation and York City Council resulting in the bus companies Keighley—West Yorkshire, and York—West Yorkshire being formed. However after deregulation and the resulting Acts from Government being introduced between 1980 and 1985, the York and York City Council’s joint venture could no longer operate and duly the Council’s operation was sold on to West Yorkshire.  In October 1971 the WYRCC fleets were renumbered again reverting to the simplified numerical system which had originally been abandoned from 1954, and with the revised system YDX 221 became fleet no; 3821.

After various other owners the bus was finally obtained for preservation by Keith Renshaw and is now based at Keighley, owned by Keith Renshaw and Simon Wood. It has been preserved in its YDX York—West Yorkshire livery, and often operates for the Museum on free bus services and other events.