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The Story

In 1955 the Yorkshire Woollen District Transport Company Limited – which had mainly used Leyland chassis since the 1930s – switched to A.E.C. of Southall, Middlesex, for a batch of 12 A.E.C. Reliance coaches with Weymann bodywork.
Between 1958 and 1961 Yorkshire Woollen purchased three batches of A.E.C. Regent V chassis. The first two batches in 1958-1959 had Metro-Cammell Orion bodywork, whilst the final 1961 batch were bodied by Northern Counties.
DHD177 was built in 1959, and was originally numbered 797 in the fleet.
Routes operated by vehicles of this type included route G (an ex-tramway route) between Moorend – Dewsbury, and route 24 between Halifax and Leeds, both via Cleckheaton.
At its peak in 1964, Yorkshire Woollen District carried 80.2 million passengers a year, and operated 276 vehicles.
By January 1966, fleet numbers had reached 983, and the decision was taken to renumber the fleet at the beginning of 1967. Under the new scheme, double-deck buses were numbered from 1 upwards, single-deck buses from 200 upwards, and coaches from 401 upwards.
DHD177 was renumbered from 797 to 66, and was withdrawn from service in August 1971.