March 28th 2020 - By Mick Berry

If you are a frequent visitor/member/friend to the Museum or just want to test your knowledge, a little teaser while we are stuck at home. Clues may be found in our vehicles page or if you are a member in the KBMT News but with a bit of thought you will get there!

Stay safe and hope to see you soon.

1 Is this bus alone?
2 You are off yours if you do not know this electric bus in Peter’s corner!
3 A princely bus from a London Street
4 This Dennis fire engine is surrounded by bears
5 Get the point of this Scammell
6 Leeds 28 is one big pussycat!
7 Any color you want as long as its black Henry once said!
8 A West Yorkshire bus in the South West?
9 This bus is hardly dashing around (like an arrow)
10 Does comedian Eric want his bus back?
11 This Irish trolley is kept in stable f
12 This green Nation always has Workington in its thoughts!
13 Well represented at Riverside, but is Mr Pitt going to walk across water to this West Yorkshire town?
14 This former Crossgates coachbuilder rode around the d
15 An athletic type of bus you might say.
16 A keep fit fanatic, or a well respected fire engine?
17 Bradford 309 and inventor Mr Graham Bell have more than a connection
18 Big Ears has a friend at the Museum
19 This Frieghtrover is not from Tibet!
20 This street is home to us and that’s almost derisive!