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First bus 30790

1997 Volvo Olympian

Alexander Royale H43/29F




The Story

Following the ending of Corporation run bus companies and the onset of PTE formations in 1974, various companies were born, some for only a short while. The First Group stemmed (eventually) from Metro with their Verona Green & Cream buses, which by 1985/6 had become Yorkshire Rider. A management buyout followed and by 1994 another name change, this time to Badgerline. With this change came local identities, Bradford Traveller, Calderline (for Halifax), Kingfisher (for Huddersfield & Kirklees), and Leeds City Link. By 1995 Badgerline had merged with GRT to form Firstbus, and the company was renamed First in 1998.


R610 JUB was part of an initial delivery (numbered 5606-21) to arrive in Leeds in the City Link livery in 1997/8, but these were quickly painted into corporate First livery. The total fleet numbers of this order ran from 5606-65, although they were renumbered at a later date.

On the 18th May 2008 the Kirkstall Road Works was closed at Leeds after being in operation for 111 years, and the First buses moved to a purpose-built complex at Hunslet. It was mainly from here that the bus would now operate. Following the withdrawal of some Royale’s 30790 carried on in service long enough to be painted in the new Olympia livery in May 2014.

It was finally acquired for preservation and is regularly out on the Rally circuits.